Website Design & Branding

Basic Process

Consultation to explore vision and purpose of the site
Set up website on the desired platform (squarespace...)
Receive content (images, text) from the client
Design begins
Client chooses color palletes provided by the designer
Designer sends a draft to show direction
Designer makes adjustments based on clients needs
Repeat the last step
Domain name is selected and connected to the site
Hosting with platform is purchased and initiated

To get started, please provide:

This email will be the gateway to your site and used to sign up with a platform (squarespace) It can be your personal email or

Photography is important.
For product images, it's best to use photos with a unifrom background. Neutrals are ideal. If you use a color, make it uniform and we'll do our best to match the tone and color with the site's pallettte. Only web colors are utilized online. Please also provide images of the studio, environment, artist portrait or any images you feel represent the brand.

Please provide a company description or artist mission statement.
Names (and descriptions, if applicable) of products or services
As the design develops, the designer may request additional text

Do you have a question?

Questions and comments are most welcomed!