Jessica Lutz is a fine art and editorial photographer based in Marfa Texas. As a native Texan, I was drawn back to my roots and the vast horizons of West Texas after a decade in New York serving as a fundraiser for National Geographic. My photographic work ranges from editorial assignments to personal projects developed naturally over time. I am drawn to this region's diverse and otherworldly landscapes and the spirit of the people who live here. In my photographic work and personal experience, my eye follows light and shadow and their mesmerizing interplay. My lens notices a flicker of light in the most mundane circumstances whether with a camera or not. I am drawn to stark landscapes, simple lines and dimensional views. Visit the print shop to see curated collections. For collaborations, please contact me or visit my studio in Marfa. I share the space with Desert Veil, my other creative project and extension of the same aesthetic and vision.  


Jessica Lutz Studio | Desert Veil
111 South Dean Street | Marfa Texas